Leap From Classroom To The Real World: Internships Are Important For Engineering Students

Internship each step signifies the journey taken

If you are an engineering student, you must be familiar with a very popular statement “You need the experience to get experience.” Indeed, this seems to be the biggest issue daunting job-ready engineering students. Almost 60% of the engineering graduates remain unemployed in India due to countless reasons including lack of skill-set required to deploy in the real-time environment.

The obligation of organisations to gain a competitive advantage over other players in the market constantly creates the need to hire experienced individuals who act as an asset to them. This means a practical work background becomes significant when entering the job market.

But, how to gain experience if a student is a fresher?

Working as an intern arguably becomes the most advantageous plan of action. The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) is also planning to mandate three years internship for engineering grads. Here are some of the reasons why internships are important and why the councils are giving them so much importance:

Internship each step signifies the journey taken

Gaining A Practical Perspective

The theoretical knowledge gained during the graduation programme is not sufficient in today’s competitive environment. An individual must be able to apply the knowledge in a real-time environment whenever the situation demands.

The internships can be remarkably valuable as they enable a student to gain first-hand exposure of working in the professional world. They give access to knowledge which no book or theoretical teaching can ever provide.

Improves Employability

The summer internship program can be the difference between winning a job and losing it. Internships are a great way to address the issue of minimum experience requirement for a high-paying job.

Successful accomplishment of the programme can not only improve a candidate’s candidature for the job, but it also helps in personality development and boosting confidence of the individual due to the skills developed during their internship tenure.

“Experience is a differentiator that employers consider when reviewing a resume.”

Adaption to Work Environment

Internship proves to be extremely helpful for an effortless adaption of the full-time work environment. Without an internship, a professional might face difficulty in handling his desk job due to non-similarity between the classroom and work environment. Internship exposes an individual to other professionals in a more stable and controlled environment, giving them an insight of the real work culture.

Transition into Full-Time Job

If students undertake an internship in an established organisation, it is very likely that they get a lucrative job offer from the same organisation depending on the performance during the internship. Employers are also more inclined towards hiring the candidate that understands the work culture and has hands-on experience.

Develops a Professional Network

To advance the professional career, establishing acquaintances and relationships is more than essential. Engineering is based entirely on teamwork and internships provide the chance of growing a professional network. The professional network can be a booster, which can further help in establishing a network of like-minded individuals.

Internship each step signifies the journey taken

Given these points, every student must consider indulging in a meaningful internship. Internship shines bright when recruitment is the objective. It paves the way towards a secure career and gives the just right practical knowledge required to land a job.

Never Back Down

The role of college is very crucial in offering internship opportunities. The status of the college, its accreditation, and rapport affect the perspective of the concerned organisations where the students are applying. Students from the top 10 private universities in Rajasthan like Sangam University relatively get approval from big organisations quickly and easily. Sangam ensures that the right learning environment is provided to the students so that they can partake the internship programmes of their dream organisations.

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