Engineers Build Society: Role Of An Engineer In Modi’s India

Engineers Build Society: Role Of An Engineer In Modi's India

The biggest highlight of the year 2019 so far has been the re-election of Shri Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of India. As soon as he returned for his second term in office, the country started speculating his next move; what the next 5 years will shape like. For the last couple of months, there have been several significant official mandates released by his office that hold a lot of potential in moulding our country towards a great future. Amidst all this, the community that is the happiest is that of the Engineers.

The major reason being the announcement of some of the biggest plans and projects, which will ultimately create millions of jobs across the country. With the re-election of Modi, the dream of increasing India’s manufacturing capacity through the ‘Make In India’ project has come closer to realization. The campaign promises to create at least 100 million jobs in the country by 2022 and that’s how ‘Make In India’ has given the Indian engineers a new role, i.e., of innovation.

Engineers Build Society: Role Of An Engineer In Modi's India

What is Modi’s Aim?

The main objective is to encourage the practice of creating products and services in our nation in order to generate more employment and make the economy strong. Right now, India stands as one of the biggest markets of consumer products in the world, and when a majority of these products will begin to be produced here, the tables of economy will turn in our favor.

Now there are two ways of realizing this objective and turning it into a working reality. By either encouraging Indian innovators to invent new products, and create alternatives to popular consumer goods, or encourage international investment into India to increase domestic employment.

How Does This Help India?

The second goal, as put down in the mandate by the government was to increase the part of manufacturing in India’s GDP from 16% in 2014 to a whopping 25% by 2022. Apart from empowering the local talent and allowing them to shine, the Modi government’s program will also help in leveraging the manufacturing capacity to catapult the Indian economy ahead of several nations.

How Will Engineers Build this New India?

Modi’s New India depends on several significant factors, the largest of which are innovation and skill development. As an institute that creates engineers, Sangam University works towards the overall development of their skills by leveraging their talent and encouraging innovation. When the focus shifts from working as a small contributor to carving your own niche through innovation, an entrepreneur is born.

The current scenario is the one that requires more research and development to address the existing problems. Necessity is the mother of all invention, and India, as an emerging nation expects the same from its engineers. Sangam University’s Entrepreneurship Development Cell constantly works towards equipping students to meet diverse changes through better, improved, and viable solutions.

Engineers Build Society: Role Of An Engineer In Modi's India

Another step in the development of the home economy would be to encourage investors to invest in projects in India. As a result, the manpower and the brains that engineers will provide will be a massive contribution to infrastructure. Since this is a question of representing the country’s technological advancement, there are no taking chances for Sangam University.

Engineers have made a considerable contribution in making the world as it is today, and that is expected of them in the future as well. In the present, the focus of any and every engineer is to acquire the skills that increase their share of contribution towards the country. Following this path of imparting quality education, top private university in Rajasthan, Sangam University, stands with future engineers and aspirants in full support. Our curriculum focuses on not only imparting quality education to the students but also inspires them to excel in any field they take up as a professional.